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The membership of UCC-SPC is made up of a combination of organizations that in some localities have united into UCC branches along with freestanding organizations linked to UCC-SPC through their national organizations that enter into UCC National.

The following chart shows UCC-SPC organizational relationships:

Members derive benefit by having access to the services and programs provided by the UCC-SPC. As the UCC-SPC is only the sum of its parts, groups and individuals see it as their responsibility to support the UCC-SPC and enable it to work for the benefit of the entire Ukrainian Canadian population of the province.

UCC-SPC estimates that at least 13,500 members of Saskatchewan’s 121,000 strong Ukrainian-Canadian community participate in the organizations that are represented by the UCC-SPC. Tens of thousands of others participate through informal and less structured groups that encompass dance, education, culture, heritage, seniors clubs and church organizations or as members of the general public enjoying the benefits of the Ukrainian contribution to the developing Saskatchewan cultural scene.

For a list of Member Organizations <click here>.


Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Saskatchewan Provincial Council, Inc. • Провінційна Рада КУК Саскачевану
4 - 2345 Avenue C North • Saskatoon, SK S7L 5Z5
Phone: 1.306.652.5850 • Toll-free: 1.888.652.5850 • Fax: 1.306.665.2127
E-mail • Е-Пошта

© 1997-2015 Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatchewan Provincial Council

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